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    Writing a book review is not just about summarizing; it’s also an opportunity for you to present a critical discussion of the book , please share your valuable thoughts….

    1) It’s a very interesting plot. The twists and turns keep you glued till the end.
    Great effort and a must read for people who are fond of suspense thrillers
    Suhani Khatri/Amazon books

    2) A real stunner!! When I read the review I was not sure whether to order it!! But I did and I am pleasantly surprised with the story!! Amazing plot and the author ..Kailash has twisted it really well….Very few books keep you hooked up and this one does the job really well….Must read I say….
    Ashish Bagul /Educreation purchase

    3) His writing style is unique and Kailash has a flair for the mysteries : Dr Ramz Hawai BDS ,D HONS(MAXILLOFACIAL RESCONTRUCTION IMPLANTOLOGY) University of lille2 ,France

    4) One of the few books in the recent times that will keep you glued to it till the end and you don’t have to leave it halfway, good story writing and concept.: Dr Chanchal Bherwani , Mumbai

    5) This is going to be the bestselling novel of the year : Mahesh Lakhwani Editor Janjyoti Newspaper (Nasik)

    6) The title – The Stolen House is intriguing and so is the blurb. You will feel like digging into the pages of the novel and reading the entire book in one go. The plot isn’t a common one. There are many surprise elements sprinkled all over the novel. There are moments when you, as a reader, feels that you will solve the case. But it is at this time that the story takes a drastic twist. The narration is done in third person narrative and is done well. The characters – Milind and Mr. Roy are interesting. The pace of the story is fast. I felt that more incidents could have been added. It would have increased the surprise factor of this novel. The manner in which the incidents have been narrated towards the end is confusing. It seems like the author was in hurry to finish writing the climax. Apart from that, the novel is really engaging. It will be a perfect choice for crime lovers.
    Goodreads reviews 3 star


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